HOWO Fuel Tank Truck

Sinotruk Fuel Tanker Truck; China Fuel Tank Truck
HOWO Fuel Tank Truck
HOWO Fuel Tank Truck

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Configuration of HOWO Fuel Tank Truck

Transport medium: suitable for transporting gasoline, paraffin, diesel oil, vegetable oil, edible oil, heavy oil, coal tar and non-petroleum products such as alcohol, aldehyde, benzene, ether and other liquid substances.
  • The material of the howo fuel tank truck body is made of high quality 4-6mm thick carbon steel national standard plate can be made of carbon steel, stainless steel, and according to the need, aluminum alloy, pure aluminum tank, rubber lined, rotomolded, plastic tank, glass steel tank.
  • Tanks are available in square round, oval and round shapes.
  • Oil pumps are self-priming pumps, gear pumps and double pumps.
  • It can be designed as a howo fuel tank truck special vehicle for chemical transportation.
  • It can be divided into independent bins for different oil products. It can realize pump in and pump out, self-flow, optional flow meter, computerized tax-controlled fuel dispenser, 15-meter fuel reel (with automatic return), and multiple wave-proof partitions in the tank body, which makes the tank body have the characteristics of high strength, stable centre of gravity and safe and smooth vehicle transportation.
All tankers can be designed as chemical trucks and all kinds of howo fuel tank truck heating and insulation series tanks; all tankers can be equipped with computerised refuelling machines; a wide range of loading tonnage options to meet user requirements; multiple wave-proof bulkheads inside the tank. High pressure gas test leak detection is used to make the tank body with high strength, stable centre of gravity, safe and smooth vehicle transportation, etc.

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HOWO Fuel Tank Truck
User operations of HOWO Fuel Tank Truck
  1. To ensure the cleanliness of the tanker, the tank and the oil delivery system should be cleaned regularly, the internal and external joints at both ends of the oil delivery hose should be frequently coated with lubricant, and the tanker should be easily and conveniently disassembled. Oil pipes should be cleaned in time after each work to ensure that the pipes are clean.
  2. The use and maintenance of the oil pump of the howo fuel tank truck should be carried out strictly in accordance with its use and maintenance instructions.
  3. Before refuelling operation, you must use the electricity avoidance pole to insert into the wet land, the howo fuel tank truck hitching tape should be grounded, and the operation process should always maintain good static electricity conductivity.
  4. Tanker safety valves and strainers should be checked and cleaned regularly.
  5. Oil tanks and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. Tanker trucks should be regularly checked to see if the piping system is well coupled and reliably sealed at each coupling.
  6. Howo fuel tank truck should be installed in accordance with the norms of fuel tank truck static electricity belt, when the static electricity meets the residual concentration of combustible gas in the car, an explosion occurred, static electricity belt for the car body and other frequent friction, very easy to generate static electricity space can effectively go out static electricity hazards, to ensure that the body is not endangered.
Installation method.

Installed in the chassis metal parts can be. With a period of time, the lowermost part of the wear and tear, you can put down some of the rubber band above.
Users with conditions can install tanker static grounding alarm
Under the high-voltage electric line, it is strictly forbidden to fill the tanker with fuel.
Not allowed to often use the hanging fire method. Sometimes the truck 6 x 4 spark plug will have carbon, when a cylinder of carbon is serious, the cylinder can not work normally, in order to make the cylinder can be normal operation, the cylinder outside the “hanging fire” method (the spark plug and high voltage line between the gap of 3 mm – 4 mm), in order to improve the spark plug electrode jump fire energy, so that the But the general “hanging fire” method is easy to fall off if you are not careful. If there are drips of petrol on the cylinder, a fire can easily occur. It is therefore only a temporary remedy. The correct treatment should be to clean and maintain the truck with howo fuel tank truck spark plugs in time and avoid using the “dangling fire” method as far as possible.

HOWO Fuel Tank Truck
Preparatory work before using the tanker
  1. Insert the conductive rod into the ground to make it “grounded”, if the ground is dry, water can be poured to make it wet, to ensure good grounding. Check the ground chain, so that it is in contact with the ground.
  2. Open the door of the oil tanker and check the valve handle so that it is in a closed state (vertical position).
  3. First time use oil pump, no priming oil in the pump, should be pre-fueled, you can add 10 litres of oil through the oil inlet.
  4. Check the lubricating oil level in the gearbox, to the lower edge of the fuel transport trucks sow plug hole shall prevail, add gear oil when insufficient.
  5. Check the gearbox lever so that it is in neutral position, check the position of the power take-off box manipulation handle so that it is horizontal to the right position and check the throttle controller so that it is minimum.

Maintenance Of HOWO Fuel Tank Truck

Some people think tanker maintenance is oil change, which is very one-sided and incorrect. The maintenance of tanker trucks is a broad concept, including the engine systems of oil and filter replacement, cleaning (oil, gear oil, brake fluid, self-changing oil, truck oil tank booster oil, glass water, battery water, machine filter, steam filter, air filter, air conditioning filter, etc.), howo fuel tank truck wear parts replacement maintenance such as belts, batteries, brake pads, ball head, clutch plates, shock absorbers, etc., tanker truck beauty (car wash, external paint care, interior (trim care, etc.).
Normal tanker maintenance maintains the performance of the vehicle and extends its service life.
This time, we are launching the maintenance of howo fuel tank truck’ wearing parts, that is, how to check and replace the maintenance, and at the same time what phenomena are found in the maintenance of wearing parts and what problems these phenomena indicate for the car.
  1. Tanker truck in the process of driving the driver friends should pay attention to the following issues.
  2. Check the working condition of each instrument when the tanker is in motion.
  3. Check whether the steering system works normally when the tanker is in motion.
  4. Check whether the hand and foot brakes are normal when the tanker is in motion.

Failure analysis Of HOWO Fuel Tank Truck

Engine deceleration and automatic stalling

The root cause of automatic stalling when the accelerator pedal is released while the engine is running or while the vehicle is running is that the engine is not easily stabilized at idle speed from non-idle speed to idle speed, so it immediately stalls. The specific reasons are: faulty accelerator pedal; crankshaft position sensor and camshaft sensor signals are not synchronized; faulty fuel oil pressure; incorrect control unit signals; incorrect injection timing, etc. The focus should be on checking the change in value from non-idle speed to idle speed.

The engine power is insufficient or bad acceleration

The phenomenon of insufficient engine power is basically normal when the engine is running without a load, but slow acceleration when running with a load, uphill powerlessness, accelerator pedal to the end still feel the lack of power, the speed of the same, can not reach the maximum speed. The phenomenon of poor engine acceleration is that the engine speed cannot rise immediately after the accelerator pedal is pressed, there is a hysteresis phenomenon, or the engine has slight fluctuations during the acceleration process.
The reason for the lack of power and acceleration of the engine is that the fuel pressure of the fuel system is too high or too low; poor injector injection; wrong sensor signal; too small injection; incorrect injection timing; low cylinder compression pressure; exhaust blockage, etc.

Third, the engine can not start and start because of difficult

Cause electronically controlled diesel engine starting fault factors more, the general performance for can not start (no initial combustion) and start because of difficult. The inspection and elimination methods are as follows.
Check whether there is a fault code, if so, should be checked according to the content of the fault code.
Check whether the engine can turn when starting.

  1. When the starter does not turn when starting, it should be checked according to the cause of the starting system failure. First check the battery charge and pole connection and contact; if normal, then check the starting circuit, fuse and ignition switch. If when starting, the starter can turn and the engine can not turn, for the starter and engine engagement part failure.
  2. When starting, the engine speed is normal, but the engine does not start, the fuel injection system and air intake system should be checked separately.
For the use of electronically controlled fuel injection engine, its start does not need to step on the accelerator pedal.

If the accelerator pedal is depressed when starting or repeatedly depressed in order to increase fuel supply, the engine speed will often increase instantaneously, resulting in increased fuel consumption of the engine.
Disconnect the accelerator pedal harness, so that the engine can enter idle, it means that the fault for the accelerator pedal is faulty.
External inspection: check the air inlet pipe for air leaks.
Fuel line inspection: check the connection status of the fuel line, the phenomenon of air intake and the quality of the fuel.
Wiring harness check: check the state of the wiring harness connection for loose phenomena or insecure plugging.
Inspection of sensors: Check for sensor failure, loose or broken wiring and crankshaft and camshaft synchronisation signals.
Check if there is a control signal for the fuel injector. If there is no control signal, the fuse, wiring and ECU should be checked and if there is a control signal, the injector spray should be checked for normal conditions.

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